Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bad days...

Today was one of those days. Everything seemed to be annoying. The baby was fussy and it turned to screaming before long. Got that figured out when I realized the poor kid had an extremely sore bottom from an instantaneous diaper rash. Dessitin to the rescue. Had to make dessert for church and for Bible study. Normally not a problem. Baby playing with the dirty shop vac in my kitchen ("Why on earth is there a shop vac in my kitchen?!!"). Turned out there weren't enough cookies from Batch 1 for both events. And WHY are they sticking to the pan?! It said not to grease it. Make more? Out of butter, brown sugar, chocolate chips, and raisins. Have to go to the grocery store sometime soon. Can't go. Temporarily traded our only car for in-law's car so we could transport porch-repairing materials. Can't drive it very well because I'm not very confident in my skills at driving a stick shift. Oh, and did I mention our homeowners insurance is getting canceled on Monday if the porch isn't fixed well enough for it to no longer be a 'liability'? Ok, found a recipe that I have most of the ingredients for. Got it. Baby down for nap. Ah, peace and quiet. Half hour later, dog barking very loudly. Wakes up Baby. Come on!! Baby back down. Ok, baking cookies. Oh, how on earth am I going to get them there between 3 and 5? Not going to practice my skills in the stick shift car with Elsie in the back seat. Husband and father-in-law working on porch. Make dinner. I'll surprise husband with macaroni and cheese. He's always asking for it. How ARE those cookies going to get to church? It's 6:00. Father-in-law brings them. Good. Dinner done. Neither of us is going to make it to Bible study. Why does it have to be at the far away location this week? Starts at 7:30. Dinner been done. Drying out trying to keep it warm. It's 7:00. Never going to get those cookies there in time. Husband finally comes in. Eating dinner that is all dried out. It's 7:35. Ok, he's going and bringing the cookies. Probably going to be too late anyway. They've already started. (Insert various negative and sarcastic comments spoken out loud during monologue).

What on earth is so bad about this day? Do you see it? It's my attitude. Not one of those things that were so annoying was worth one bit of my sinfulness. Did you see all the things to be thankful for? A Baby, Dessitin, diapers, cookies, cookie sheets, a car, a husband, a house, a porch, homeowner's insurance, a helpful father-in-law, concrete, macaroni and cheese, a church to go to, Bible study. That's not even to mention things like good health and the amazing fact that my husband didn't reproach me once for my terrible attitude and just thanked me for the meal, told me it was good, and said he wanted to be with me all evening and not be gone!

What would a really bad day look like? I don't even want to imagine it! Sitting in the searing sun covered in flies with only rags on my back holding my underweight and sickly baby and wondering if I would be able to eat today? Hunkered down, shivering, in a trench, a thousand miles from my family, wondering if I would survive the enemy's inevitable attack tomorrow?

What made today a bad day? I've sinned. I've been ungrateful and unthankful. I've spoken harshly and impatiently. I've been sarcastic and mean. God forgive me and help me to turn from my sinfulness and live in love and thankfulness!

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