Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lessons learned

This past weekend was very chaotic, slightly fun, and definitely stressful. It was my first real move. Furniture, food, clothes for three people, baby stuff. Before, when I've moved,, it's just been me. That meant a few bins of clothes, maybe a couple small pieces of furniture, and a few boxes of random stuff. In fact, just two summers ago, besides a two or three pieces of furniture stored elsewhere, basically everything I owned spent the summer in my Grand Am.

Not so this time! What made it worse was that, in spite of having a month to get ready, somewhere between painting, sanding, spackling, and cleaning the new house and not being able to do much due to a mobile 10 month old who needs constant attention, I managed to not get hardly any packing done.

On top of that, the day before we moved, aforementioned 10 month old spent the morning in the emergency room due to a croup attack the night before.

Needless to say, I was one stressed out mama on Saturday morning. I like to have things prepared and in control. Instead, most of my stuff was still in cabinets instead of in boxes and the moving truck was going to be there in an hour. Second, I couldn't get hardly anything done with Baby wanting to he held. She's not normally a clingy or a cuddler, but she was that morning, and I felt terrible leaving the poor baby when she was sick.

Fortunately, an extremely helpful friend came over early and basically packed my kitchen for me. Then, Baby started feeling a little better and playing so I was able to leave her for several hours and get some work done. Still, I was not in control of the situation at all! Oh well. With the help of our small group, we managed to get moved. Baby survived just fine and was quite happy when I picked her up.

I guess I need to learn that sometimes I don't always have it together and I need help. Sometimes I don't have everything in control and I need to not be stressed out about it. It will get done, somehow.

Right now I'm sitting with boxes all over including boxes of food that I have nowhere to store. I have a whole list of projects to do include organizing, cleaning, getting furniture, and painting. It's going to take some time to get the projects checked off the to-do list, and I have to be ok with the fact that it will take time. I can't stress out. It will get done. It is more important that I keep a happy attitude and serve my family than that I get all the projects done when I want to.

God help me to keep my priorities straight!

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